Monday, March 19, 2012

Mission Time

Hey Everyone, It has been a while since I have posted, but I feel like it is about time to get back to doing just that!
So yesterday was Kaitie's Farewell... Kaitie is my sister, in case someone's memory has let that escape for the time being... It was incredible. We had so much family there to support her, and so many of her friends showed up. It was awesome. Kaitie did an awesome job with her talk during church, and then I sang a solo, which I was terrified for, but it turned out great in all honesty. Nailed the notes, whether it sounded good or not, who knows, but I definitely hit the notes that I was scared I would not hit. ;)
After an awesome sacrament meeting, everyone came to our house, and we had Hawaiian Hay Stacks. Surprisingly, we Had enough room upstairs to fit the 50 + people in our living room/kitchen. It was fantastic how many people were there to support my sister.
Today it has hit me finally that tomorrow she is going to be a missionary, and the next day she will be gone. Granted, my sister drives me more nuts than anyone else I know, but then again, I love her more than anyone else I know. She is an incredible person, and so strong in everything she does. sometimes that bugs me, but tonight I realized, the only reason it bugs me is because I don't believe in many things like she does... not to the extent she does. She is Naive, and care free, emotional, but stable. She is loved by everyone that knows her, and for good reason. I am not jealous of her, and I don't envy her, but I admire her, that is for sure. she is an incredible person, and I know that she will do awesome in London on her mission. I will miss her so ridiculously much. the fact that I won't be able to call her at any given moment of the day to tell her something that just happened to me, or text her... or send her pictures... it will be insane, it will def be hard for me, harder for her however cus she has to give up talking to everyone, not just one person like i do. it's a strange sensation tho for sure.
Anyway the real-ness of the situation has finally hit me. and i won't lie, it makes me pretty sad. but happy for the same reason it makes me sad. Mission is a good thing, but I am just sad she is leaving.
I guess the time had to come at some point... i just feel like now we finally are getting along pretty good, and now she is leaving... go figure right!?

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  1. You do realize that your last two posts (almost a year apart) are both about your sister? just sayin'